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the como collection

Materials are at the centre of this collection,

bringing a new stucco range in matte, dry

finishes, and combining this with fabrics, metals, oaks and marble to create inviting spaces filled with texture.


Natural beauty found in the unfinished marble, bamboo or unglazed porcelain reconnects us to the intricacy of our Earth, and invites a calm and relaxing ambiance into the home.


This is Duran’s most personal collection to date, perfectly balancing the aesthetics of each


Duran Interiors lores Final-4.jpg

‘‘Personal influences from contemporary sculpture, to desert landscapes, or the delicate form of a shell blend beautifully together to create each piece.’’

Duran Interiors lores Final.jpg

Duran Interiors is a family business based in the rural East part of the Netherlands, creating and designing coffee tables, lighting pieces and cushions.


Founded in 1987 by Frank and Ellen Duran, this collection welcomes a new chapter as their son Maurits joins the design team. In the first

collection of its kind, the aesthetics of all three designers blend together, with each

piece maintaining the refined elements of

Duran’s identity.

Anker 1
Duran Interiors seine dining table
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